Made from quality materials machined to precision tolerances, OILCO’s 90 Series v-ring swivel joint line is specifically engineered for heavy duty use in steel mills and municipal infra-structure plants. The front-runner of the OILCO product catalog, the 90 Series is built to keep up with your workflow, preventing costly downtime.

Why OILCO created the 90 Series v-ring

Born in 1989, the 90 Series concept was simple, direct, and innovative: manufacture a superior swivel to replace the standard o-ring units produced at the time. The o-ring functions based on simple compression. The flared seal engineering of the 90 Series v-ring created a tremendous increase in the contact patch sealing area. Applying positive, continual pressure, the 90 Series v-ring forces seal adherence at all times.

The v-ring ‘heart’ of the 90 Series 

Designed with a three v-ring seal configuration base, the 90 Series is spring loaded and self-adjusting for normal wear. All of these elements combine to create v-rings that maintain constant optimal pressure, securing a reliable seal well beyond the service expectancy of any other conventional single seal.

90 Series characteristics

  • 1000 PSI cold working pressure
  • 2” through 24” standard availability
  • ASTM schedule 40 profile construction (standard)
  • Stainless steel T-316, carbon steel, aluminum

The expanded 90 Series line crosses industries

Four additional models were added to the 90 Series product line over the years, extending the 90 Series value across industries like dry goods and steam vapor. Today, the product line includes 24” nominal pipe sizes, and all options are customizable to your performance options.

  • 90 Series HP high pressure series
  • 90 Series SJ steam jacketed series
  • 90 Series SSI stainless steel insert series
  • 90 Series v-ring swivel joint
  • 190 Series split-flange series
  • 90 Series LT low-torque breakaway series

90 Series High Pressure (HP) Design

Geared specifically to prover arm engineers and manufacturers, the 90 Series HP line increased the working pressure capabilities of OILCO swivels. The 90 Series HP line affords identical predictability with an improved level of effective range across critical loading and unloading procedures.

HP design characteristics

  • Enhanced mechanical chambers
  • Increased sealing surface features
  • ASTM Schedule 80, 120 and 160
  • SSI and 190 Series variations

90 Series Stainless Steel Insert (SSI) Design

The 90 Series SSI solves problems that arise from pumping vast quantities of on-site water through the lids of iron and steel mill melting pots. Due to the intense chemical treatment of the water, standard steel joints were suffering extensive pitting and corrosion of the sealing surface.

OILCO’s 90 Series SSI pairs the benefits of corrosion resistant stainless steel with a standard carbon steel unit, protecting the critical areas of the sealing service and keeping costs to consumers down.

This hybrid swivel joint increases life expectancy over standard carbon steel units by 30-50%.

90 Series Low Torque (LT) Breakaway Design

The LT model is a specifically conditioned 90 Series swivel joint that reduces torque up to 65% more than any other conventional joint. The LT option is a secondary procedure applied during the manufacturing process, prior to any welding procedures. The 90 Series LT swivel can be broken with a minimal amount of manual pressure, assisting in ease of use for the operator in critical operations areas.

Industries and processes where the LT breakaway option shines:

  • Furnace hose assemblies
  • Iron and steel manufacturing
  • Water treatment
  • Digester tank processing
  • Marine loading and unloading
  • Dock hose assemblies
  • Critical chemical systems
  • Corrosive liquid transfer

OILCO: Reliability at every turn

Quality materials. Precision tolerances. Deliberate design. Proven success. OILCO’s 90 Series is the frontrunner of our swivel line for a reason. How can it help you, today? Give us a call or send us an email to talk about your specific needs.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S. since 1935, OILCO Liquid Handling Systems’ reliable products keep industries moving. From our unparalleled swivel joint line to our innovative loading arm assemblies, OILCO products are engineered to do more. Put our 85+ years of experience to work for your business.