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Over-engineered. Not over-budget.

Whether you’re looking to customize a swivel joint, need a loading assembly, or need parts for annual maintenance and repair, OILCO products have you covered.

OILCO Swivel Joints

O-ring, v-ring, tapered roller bearing.

We know swivels. We’ve pioneered and manufactured the most extensive line of swivel joints available worldwide. From our powerhouse 90 Series, workhorse 80 Series, and convenient 180 Series Split Flange, OILCO products mean few industrial applications are out of reach.

Low Torque Breakaway O-ring, v-ring, tapered roller bearing Liquid handling products in a group

OILCO Loading Assemblies

Torsion spring counterbalance, counterweighted.

Our engineers pioneered the standardized torsion spring counterbalance and advanced traditional counterweight loading assemblies. Many of which have been in-field for 50+ years of service. Whether you need a workhorse torsion spring or a steadfast counterweight, OILCO can help.

Loading Arm Assemblies liquid handling products

OILCO Repair Parts

Repair kits, vacuum breakers, spacer spools, valves.

Whether you’re performing general maintenance and seal replacement or have run into a problem in-field, sometimes you’ll need parts. Our 80 and 90 Series repair parts haven’t changed since 1989, meaning you can always find what you need. Also, our 2” – 12” standards are always in stock.

OILCO offers remote consultation for repair service needs.

Top Sellers Include:

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